Jul 18, 2017


Just a few things I'm finishing up this week!

Jun 27, 2017

$89 Logo Design Sale!

Jun 15, 2017

What have I been up to lately?

Working on 20 custom- employee illustrations!

May 15, 2017

Need a Logo?

Check out these packages/pricing:


May 8, 2017

New Logo

Designing this resort logo based on the photo today.
#Logo #LogoDesign

May 2, 2017

Here is something cool

Here is something cool- designed yesterday!

Mar 24, 2017


Busy, busy lately.
Working on this fun one today! 

Feb 21, 2017

Custom Table Tents

I'd like to start offering custom table tents to clients.
Looking for my first guinea pig...

Feb 1, 2017

This week

Worked on this concept yesterday.
#logo #logodesign