Feb 15, 2011

What do you think?

My friend over at The Hopostle and I were in a slight debate. I assumed this logo sported a hop leaf & he called me out on the obvious, claiming it was a chestnut tree leaf. What do you think? Both are very similar. *My full logo review is below.

    In a world of glossy, three dimensional logos, this represents a nice change of pace. Utilizing complimentary colors in a slightly retro (for lack of a better term) design, this logo stands out amongst other local breweries. The layout reminds me of an electricians emblem, in a good way, almost demanding respect.
    The fonts are easy to read, making me appreciate the sans-serif look. The negative space used in the glass is clever, but leads me to my only question about the design. Is the leaf from a chestnut tree, or hop plant? Overall, I'd wear a t-shirt adorned with this logo and rate it a solid B+ (only because I wish I could have had a stab at the design).