Sep 29, 2011


   I drank one of those five hour energy drinks, but it really felt more like a five hour angry drink. I felt anxious and restless all afternoon.  I was easily aggravated, etc. So I took the dog for a walk in the evening. On our way back home I spotted an old man wearing mechanic/work slacks, no shirt, with an old-school tattoo on his bicep, crouched down at the side of his house.
  The old man was petting a squirrel, that was sitting on a bench. We stopped and all I could say (with my sub-par social skills) was "Well...that's cool". The old man proceeded to tell me that he raised her from a baby, she now lives about a block away, and she's had two litters of baby squirrels. Amazed, I said "have a good night", and as the dog and I walked away, he leaned in and gave the little red-haired squirrel a kiss on the head. I no longer felt angry, anxious or aggravated. In fact, even today if work gets on my nerves or I start to feel stressed- I just think about that old man kissing the squirrel and everything seems okay.