Oct 14, 2011

33 or 32?

   Tomorrow I turn 32. I was convinced for weeks now that I was turning 33. This mistake just shows me that maybe I'm in too much of a hurry, in life- in general. So I will start off this year of my life remembering to take time out- smell the roses and pet the squirrels.
    This past year has been excellent. I have a great wife, great kids and a great business/skill I can rely on.  Granted I get stressed about everyday tasks, bills, etc- but let it be documented that I am truly happy thanks to fantastic family, friends and clients. Tomorrow I plan to wake up, take a jog to the bank- to happily pay our mortgage. We'll then ship the kids off to the grandparents, eat some kind of seafood and have libations with friends. If you're in the area- you should come celebrate my 32nd (or 33rd) birthday!