Feb 8, 2012

Wait...your math is off?

Potential Client:
    Matt, I appreciate your response, but we are a niche manufacturing firm, and these samples are not the right feel for us. I have had some beautiful responses so far, from you and others, but they seem to be geared more towards the retail service sector and tend to be young in the presentation
   If you watched the super bowl last Sunday – Madonna and C-Lo were on a rising stage platform, and there were other parts of the stage that moved and changed in the show – those are our products. Those motion technologies are also used to move nuclear waste, and from underneath the platform, move a patient into an MRI. We are in an industry that has strict safety standards – if you remember the disastrous Sugarland performance – we need to convey that type of trustworthy product.
  If you have any logo or design work that would demonstrate the right aesthetics for us, please send them along.Thank you for your time,
Marketing Manager

Me: "young in the presentation" ? Good luck finding a designer who specializes in your "sector". Find someone with ability & hire them- nobody is going to have a portfolio full of manufacturing logos.

-Matt Cockrum

C.H: Well, I’m sorry Matt, but many of the samples I’ve received have cartoons.
  Manufacturing, especially in regards to medical equipment, is a big, lucrative field. Even the machine my dentist uses to power the drill has a logo on it. Well worth sketching up some samples. Good luck in your endeavors!

Me: Good luck being a weirdo!

C.H: Astonishing. There is $2800 in the budget for this, and ads to follow. Add in the new brochure design, and you just threw away at least 10k, all because you are unwilling to take direction.

Me: I will surely miss sleep over an imaginary $10,000.