Sep 11, 2012

New Toy


I bought an old school board this past weekend to play around on, but I admired the graphics so much that it ended up on our wall.  I decided to try out Future SK8- a shop that was around when I was a kid, once gone, but now is back. When I was about 10 years old I saw my first skate demo (pro skateboarders) at Future SK8, and have been hooked on the sport/hobby/culture ever since.

I took my kids out to the shop and to my surprise was greeted by the nicest guy/shop owner Don & his lovely dog Shasta. We talked old school while Shasta licked any crumbs off my kids that she could find.  Often in this particular industry you'll find some negative vibes, or elitist personalities in the skateshops- but this was not the case at Future SK8 at all.  It was a great visit, and we'll be back for sure - maybe just to visit Shasta. If you're in the St. Louis area and need anything skateboard or longboard related- Future SK8 is the place to go, hands down.

Thanks to Don for the new art/deck- I'd love to eventually do some design work for the shop.