Feb 26, 2014

New client testimonial

Another (much appreciated) review for The Logo-Mat:

"I needed a logo for some intellectual property I am developing, so I placed a Craigslist ad and received more than 20 responses in less than 12 hours. After visiting numerous sites I decided on The Logo-Mat because the logos I saw there looked like professional logos, not album covers, ad layouts, posters or tattoo art. The best part of the decision was dealing with Matt, the owner and principal designer. When he said he would give me unlimited revisions until I was happy, he was telling the truth. I started with one idea and that morphed into another, and there were about a dozen revisions before we got the version I intend to use. Throughout the process, Matt’s good-natured approach to customer service never changed. He remained very can-do about making it right with me all the way. The next time I need something designed, he’s the only person I will contact."